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Artificio is a theoretical-practical project conducted by the researchers Anna Giralt Gris and Jorge Caballero, with the intention of analyzing, developing and implementing methods and algorithms of Artificial Intelligence in different creative tasks; and more specifically, in post-production film processes, with emphasis on non-fiction films.

Residencia a l’àrea Tallers en la Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Applied research


This line of work investigates and analyzes cinematographic processes, in the post-production stage, with the aim of improving, simplifying and making them more effective.  

So far, these tools have been developed and implemented: 

  • Automatic transcription of interviews.
  • Script analysis and voice over analysis through natural language processing.
  • Video editing using text, without going through an intermediate selection stage.
  • Frame organization through color patterns, shapes, or other elements in a statistical way.
  • Automatic colorization of black and white archive material.
  • Automatic creation of video masks on specific objectss.

TSNE:t-distributed stochastic neighbor embedding for the short film “Síndrome de los quietos”, directed by León Siminiani. 2021. 

Produced by Jorge Caballero. @GusanoFilms

Máscara Automática

Automatic mask. Frame from the feature film “Robin Bank”. 2021. Directed by Anna Giralt Gris and produced by Jorge Caballero. @GusanoFilms

Máscara Automática

Automatic mask. Frame of the short film “Dora Sena”. 2020. (Best documentary Bogoshorts 2020) Directed by Jorge Caballero and produced by @GusanoFilms


Colorization and automatic selection. Frame of the short film “The Stillness Syndrome”, directed by Leon Siminiani. 2021. Produced by Jorge Caballero. @GusanoFilms Archive of “Cali: de película”. Carlos Mayolo / Luis Ospina. 1973. 


Colorization and automatic selection. Frame of the feature film “Nosferatu”, directed by F. W. Murnau 1931.

Selección Automática

Automatic background selection. Frame of the short film “The Stillness Syndrome”, directed by Leon Siminiani. 2021. Produced by Jorge Caballero. @GusanoFilms

Selección Autofondo

Automatic background selection. Frame of the feature film “On the other side”, directed by Iván Guarnizo. 2021. Produced by Jorge Caballero @GusanoFilms

Regeneración de imágenes

Generation of synthetic images, after training a neural network with images of real banknotes from all over the world. Frame of the feature film “Robin Bank”. 2021. Directed by Anna Giralt Gris and produced by Jorge Caballero @GusanoFilms

Pedagogical programs

Through workshops, seminars and conferences, we advocate and democratize the use of AI in creative processes. They have taken place in MediaLab Prado, CCCB, DocumentaMadrid, the Cinemateca of Bogotá, Foto Colectania, or the MUTA festival in Peru.
Also, we have written several articles with the aim to better understand key concepts of AI, its possibilities and promote the debate about its risks

Mesa Redonda

DONE 4: Mesa Redonda “The Good Photography”»

In this fourth edition of DONE, a curatorial team with oblique but complicit sensibilities proposes a series of round tables to put into circulation subjects, languages, tactics and procedures studied or executed by artistic, techno-scientific and/or activist agents.


DocumentaMadrid –  Automate creativity

Can machines help us to be more creative? The massive implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings a revolution in many human activities, including those that are assumed to be irreplaceable, such as creative ones. The cinema is not alien to this transformation and the use of AI in the processes of creation and production, proposes new paradigms that deserve to be studied. 

This seminar aims to bring these concepts and tools closer to the public. It starts with an overview of the use of AI in the art world, and then focuses on its possible applications in documentary filmmaking and finishes analyzing automatic processes in audiovisual writing.

Inteligencia Artificial Creativa

Inteligencias artificiales creativas

At a time when artificial intelligence has made a significant leap in its creative applications, we want to generate a space for debate on the nature of automated artistic creation. We share a table with scientists and artists who are experts in artificial intelligence, philosophy, literature and robotics. And we test the analytical nose of the audience to detect when a work is the result of human action or algorithms.

Festival Muta

MUTA festival – ARTIFICIO: Artificial intelligence tools for creativity

Actividad del Festival Internacional de Apropiación Audiovisual MUTA, dirigida a creadores de contenido audiovisual y programadores o personas con interés en ello.


Cinemateca Bogotá – Artificio, Workshop of creativity and artificial intelligence

Creativity and artificial intelligence workshop for creators from different creative areas to know, learn and promote the use of artificial intelligence in creative processes. In this workshop, an overview of creation through artificial intelligence will be given and participants will have the opportunity to develop an individual project with the Runway platform.


Deepfakes Seminar: Fiction, politics and algorithms

In this seminar we will try to generate discussion and practical work around the ethics, aesthetics and politics of machine learning algorithms used to perform Deepfakes.


Artificial intelligence and creativity. Presentation of the ARTIFICIO project and the RUNWAY line

Taller impartido por Anna Giralt Gris en la cuarta edicion de ESC19, un encuentro no-urbano d’experimentación y divulgación del uso creativo, artístico, libre y cercano a las personas, de la tecnología electrónica/digital. 
Un fin de semana en un espacio en la naturaleza con artistas, diseñadores, programadores y público para compartir conocimiento y experiencias.


Cuaderno No. 30 – Cinemateca

This article reflects on automation in art. It starts from a series of concrete examples throughout history, to finish with cinema and, in particular, with editing, where the use of artificial intelligence in diverse automatisms of creative processes is explained. Finally, it exposes some risks and possibilities of such automation and gives an account of the challenges when implementing this technology within the Colombian environment.

Inteligencia Artificial

Manual of Digital Narratives.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere and affects us directly. We see it applied in future driverless cars, in robotic surgeons, in facial recognition or in automatic text transcription.



Artificio is an interactive web series that explores the transformative power of artificial intelligence in the field of the arts. Through leading artists and pioneering AI experts, we discover the creative potential of AI and its intersection with art. Will Artificial Intelligence bring us the next great artistic movement? Can AI be creative, or is it a distinctive human trait? Each episode comes with several game experiences that allow users to compose original music, create images or co-create text through AI and interactive systems. Users will judge for themselves whether the algorithms can replace human creativity or whether they remain a mere tool to enhance it. A co-production between Canada, Germany and the Netherlands, with the leading production company Submarine Channel Holanda.

Series Web

The project was selected at IDFA Forum Doclab 2019

Pitch del proyecto Artificio en IDFA Forum Doclab 2019 / Pitch of the Artificio project at IDFA Forum Doclab 2019/ Pitch del projecte Artificio a IDFA Forum Doclab 2019

About Us

Anna Giralt Gris

Cineasta, Investigadora y Creadora nuevos medios

Anna Giralt Gris is a filmmaker, new media creator and researcher. She has a degree in Audiovisual Communication and is currently doing a Master’s Degree in Social Communication Research at the UPF.

In 2018 she was selected at the IDFA DocLab Academy and in 2019 at the Berlinale Talent Campus. Her first feature documentary, “Robin Bank”, is in post-production and will be released in 2021. It is a co-production between Spain and Germany, with the participation of ARTE and Televisió de Catalunya. It has participated in several international co-production markets such as Dok-Leipzig and IDFA Forum.

His latest short film, “44 messages from Catalonia”, has been produced by Field of Vision and published in The Intercept. He has directed and produced several short documentary films in countries such as Afghanistan, Iran and Iraq, which have been recognized in international festivals. She has worked as a collaborator of the program 30 minuts and Sense Ficció.

She works as a new media consultant and has taught digital narrative at the University of Barcelona, Ramon Llull University and Pompeu Fabra University. She also develops interactive and new media projects. Her latest work as a co-writer and designer of UX was the VR experience “Crónica de una ciudad que fue” released at SXSW VR Cinema.

Currently she is part of the Artificio collective, with Jorge Caballero, developing projects and researching the use of Artificial Intelligence in creative environments.


Jorge Caballero

Cineasta, Investigador y Creador nuevos medios

He has directed and produced immersive and interactive films and projects, which have been awarded and exhibited in festivals around the world as, IDFA, SXSW, Cinema Du Reel, Visions Du Reel, Biarritz, Cartagena or Málaga among others. He has won twice the national documentary prize in Colombia and has been a Sundance Institute fellow within the Stories of Change program.

He was chosen by Variety magazine as one of the 10 producers on the rise in 2020: https://variety.com/2020/film/markets-festivals/catalonia-producers-to-watch-1234643984/ and has been selected within the Emerging Producers program of the Jihlava festival

His work has been supported by international television stations and funds such as Tribeca Film Institute, Discovery Channel, Ibermedia, Bertha Fund, TV3, SeñalColombia TV, among others.

Currently he is part of the Artificio collective, with Anna Giralt Gris, developing projects and researching the use of Artificial Intelligence in creative environments.





Cinemateca Bogotá

Workshop of creativity and artificial intelligence.



Documenta Madrid

The cinema is not alien to this transformation and the use of AI.



Deepfakes Seminar

Fiction, politics and algorithms.


Foto Colectania
Foto Colectania

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